5 Ways Brands Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

From forest fires to floods, climate change continues to accelerate. Consumers’ need for environmental commitments from businesses is essential now more than ever.

2019 survey by Hotwire states that 47% of global internet users have ditched products and services from brands that violated personal values. Businesses need to rethink their strategies and play their part when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint. The ICT industry alone nearly doubled its global greenhouse gas emissions since 2013, rising from 2.5% to 3.7% of global emissions.

Every business has a carbon footprint, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be reduced. Here are a few ways you can implement sustainable digital marketing practices that will reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Choose sustainable third-party providers

Third-party providers are often overlooked but have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. When you pay a provider to run your ads on their platform, purchase a subscription to a tool or host your website, you are supporting their practices, whether or not they align with your values.

Before you decide, you should do your research on their mission and environmental impact. Understand what goes on behind their services and ensure how they contribute to your carbon footprint. It can also help to implement an internal CSR policy and create guidelines for selecting responsible service providers.

For companies that have yet transitioned to digital marketing and are still using traditional marketing tools like printed materials, think about choosing providers that offer sustainable materials and use renewable energy.

Turn your website green

There are many ways to make your website or online shop more sustainable, but it all comes down to your choice of the server host. Data centers that store, process, and distribute data through the internet account for 2% of the world’s carbon emissions. That contribution is equivalent to the airline industry!

There are many servers available like A2 Hosting and GreenGeeks that are powered by environmentally friendly resources. They implement energy-efficient initiatives and renewable energy to host your website, which can also lead to cost savings.

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