The debate about the effectiveness of digital marketing and traditional marketing has been going on for quite some time now, and there seems no end to this. With people using more gadgets, and lesser traditional means for their daily needs, marketers have started focusing more on ways of marketing digitally. Marketing in today’s competitive world is the most crucial factor for the success of any business. Marketing is indispensable for standing out from other competitors and proving their potential to clients and customers. Every marketing strategy has its pros and cons. So, let us compare the two main marketing techniques.


Digital marketing involves using gadgets and electronic devices for promoting the product or service your brand is offering. Here marketing campaigns are carried out to display promotional messages on laptops, mobiles or tablets, etc. The main aim for this is that more and more customers can find you. It is a form of inbound marketing. The brands can promote themselves through different channels, including social media, organic search, and paid search. The companies hire local agencies to recognize and target the local customer base and increase the brand’s presence there. For example, a business based out of Maryland can hire local companies with services like web design in Frederick MD, to promote their services in the area. Digital marketing includes things like social media marketing.SEO and email marketing. Here are some advantages of marketing digitally.

  • Cost-effective – digital marketing costs less than other marketing techniques due to the easy availability of gadgets and the internet to all.
  • Better Reach provides more reach to the company as there are no geographical barriers and everything is available on the internet.
  • Better conversion rates– Digital marketing offers better conversion rates for potential customers.
  • Easy to measure the campaigns– With everything being digital, it provides a better shot at measuring the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.
  • Better targeting– Digital marketing enables one to target the customers better so that the reach is increased and more potential customers are turned into actual customers.
  • Better ROI-  Digital marketing offers the best return on investment as compared to any other marketing campaign.


Traditional marketing has been used for a long time now; it includes many facets like promoting your brand in a magazine, billboards, newspapers, or, broadcasting on the radio and TV, sending direct mail, etc. Anything that is marketing but is not digital is a form of traditional marketing only. It just involves finding people to use your product and connect to your brand, all that by using offline modes of advertising. References and networking are also considered. Traditional marketing targets customers by using the basic 4 P’s formula for marketing which includes-

  • Place
  • Price
  • Product
  • Promotion

Traditional marketing is effective in targeting more conventional customers and promoting your brands with offline advertising. Here are some advantages of using traditional marketing.

  • Easy to find and create ads
  • More impactful
  • Has more longevity
  • Can reach a more diverse audience
  • Provides face to face interaction
  • Easier to run marketing campaigns


Both digital marketing and traditional marketing have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, when running a marketing campaign, it is the sole discretion of the marketer to take cognizance of its target audience and to be well aware of the preferences and tastes of the potential customers. There is no rule that only a particular type of marketing campaign will be successful. The marketer should analyze everything and then decide the right strategy for him. 

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