My New Beginning

I am a freelancer. I am currently working for a bank as a financial analyst and render my services to clients seeking financial advice. I am a double post-graduate in finance, well versed with the market and its strategies. I am up to date with the stock market and its trends and I can advise on the future trends as to where with minimum investment maximum profit can be generated.

I maintain the portfolio for clients who can be beginners or seasoned players in the market. Determining factors of the market can be derived from various inputs like NSE or BSE and also few other websites like ET Money and Moneycontrol. Small investors think about maximizing the profit by investing money into SIPs and seasoned players will always look into personal portfolio managers who can give them expert advice as to what and where to invest. I don’t believe in putting all the eggs in the same basket. so I always suggest my client put their money in different portfolios so that if one company is making a losss it can be compensated by a different one.

Small and systematic investment plan throughout the year so that they get the best result and the return on investment is really good. my investors range from beginners who have just started exploring the market to middle class to HNI and UHNC clients. Depending on the capacity and availability of the funds the financial instruments are recommended. How much will the risk-bearing capacity and the age factors the investment is determined? I have successfully designed my website where there are various topics that I have discussed. If you need any kind of support please feel free to call me on my number # 9819111212 and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

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